Seeing Sound |aka| Musical Memories...

My iPod is my TTC survival tool. On any given morning, I can plug in my headphones, kick back (or continue to stand), and let the music soothe me, motivate me, or at the very least, keep me awake when I'd much rather be asleep.

I have specific music to accomplish specific goals. My current musical motivator is "Who Gon' Stop Me" off of the Watch The Throne album. Then I might throw in a li'l Beyonce, some Bob Marley, a little Rochelle Jordan and Jesse Boykins III, then as I'm walking into the office, I usually play something completely ignorant - just to have a little internal laugh before I greet people who seem to be way too perky first thing in the morning.

Anyways, this morning I was playing my usual tunes, then hit shuffle to switch it up. The first track that came on stopped me dead in my tracks:


Ever had a song that takes you back to such a vivid memory that you remember what you wore, what the air smelled like, and what shade the sunset was at that exact moment? This song is one of those for me. Let me explain:

It was July 2002. I was in Queens visiting family, and had picked up a copy of this magazine called Honey, that I KNEW I'd never be able to get back home. Inside was a promo CD for Amerie, who had just dropped "Why Don't We Fall In Love". That song was a fave of mine at the time, so I was happy to pop the promo sampler of her debut All I Have in my discman (hey, it was 2002!). The songs were HEAVY on the love tip. And not so much the depressing, just-lost-my-man tip either. More like the light, airy happiness of a new love...which seriously resonated with what had transpired in my life just one week prior.

I met a dude. I met a dude who was so funny, so cool, so smart, and so unlike any other dude I had met before. This guy was official. I was too old to be doodling our joined names on notepads, but I was sappy enough to smile to myself in public when I thought of him,  and dumb enough call him from my cell phone. Multiple times. While roaming + long distance charges  were applicable. And not even care.

Anyways, when I first heard "Can't Let Go", I couldn't help but link it to him. And it wasn't just the lyrics either; oftentimes a melody or harmony will make me think of a person, place, or thing - I chalk it up to my classical violin training in my youth.  You don't always need lyrics in music to evoke emotion.

If my life were a movie, this song would definitely be on my soundtrack. It never soon as I hear the opening notes, it takes me right back to that summer in Queens, chilling on my cousin's porch after just hanging up my long distance call (yikes). Missing that certain dude, and anticipating when I'd be back home to see him again.

There's nothing like a song that puts a dip in your hip, makes you smile, and reminisce on truly good times...


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