HairStory: The Easy Way Out


I've been playing around with how to blog about my past 3 years of being natural, but it seemed like such a daunting task. Sure, I've covered a quick history here and here, but what to do for those who want a bit more info on the growing pains and pleasures I went through?

I remembered a little site I stumbled upon back in August 2008 - A photo-hosting site, Fotki seems to be mainly utilized by photographers who wanted to show off their art, but also became the perfect site for us amateurs to document our hair escapades. I'd log on to see others' hair progress, styles, and products, then finally created my own profile to share with the world.

To see some of my earlier styles and regimens, check out my Fotki profile here! I don't keep up with it as regularly as I used to, but it's still a great resource. And please, don't laugh at my pics. Lol!

On a side note, I took down my twists from the other day. The JessiCurl Confident Curls solution gave my hair the right amount of hold, so I think I'll try it again on my next wash. Because I pulled my twists back into a bun to stretch them for a day, some of my ends came out straighter or looser than the rest of my hair. Nothing a little shower steam and coconut oil can't fix...however, recent rainy days didn't help to maintain the curl definition, so I have a bit of puffiness going on...anyways, here's a pic of the results as of today!

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