Type F = Type WTF: When Hair Advice Goes Wrong

The other night I was trolling on Twitter, and ran into a TON of tweets, dragging someone named @typeF through the mud. The tweets were hilarious in their disgust, but I had no idea who @typeF was. I did a bit of investigation and found out that @typeF was the Twitter page for TypeF.com, Tyra Banks' new beauty website. I thought to myself, 'What did Tyra do so wrong???' The tweets referenced a set of hair and makeup advice videos posted on the site, with claims that Tyra was "trying to sabotage the Natural hair movement", and questioning the advice of so-called "professional" hair stylists and makeup artists. Not to mention, tweets CLOWNING the edges of one featured "professional" - I think most tweeters likened the state of her hair to that of Naomi Campbell's:

Photo: thefashionbombdaily.com

Needless to say, I HAD to check out these videos to see what the offence was. See for yourself:

Update: these videos may be private by the time you watch them...if they don't work, click HERE to see some of what I'm talking about.

Miss Joanne Robertson: how are you giving styling advice when your hair looks like that? Edges a hot mess, hair looking dry as hell and nowhere near detangled...I weep.
Girl. GIRL. You had to TEAR your hair apart to "gently section" it. You couldn't even get the roller down to the root. And that 2nd roller was crying "GIVE US FREE!!!" You need to stop it.
Tanya. How are you teaching us to do "natural locks" on your weave? You're a hairdresser? Am I the only one confused by this?
Determining your hair texture. Here are some quotes from Tanya:
"My hair is curly, so..." - NO. Your weave is curly.
"If your hair is straight, it'll lay...straight." - Thank you for confirming this.
"Does your hair wet when water touches it?" - What???
These videos are only the tip of the boolshyt iceberg - check Youtube or Type F to see more of the tomfoolery. All I have to say is, if you need hair help, whether you're relaxed, natural, or bald, DO NOT go to Type F. These women obviously don't love themselves or their hair, and I'd like to see what credentials they have to be called "professional" or "licensed" hair stylists. And for Tyra Banks: either you're a complete idiot to give these videos the green light, OR you're now learning the lesson of what happens when you leave your brand in the hands of people with no clue of what they're doing. Sigh.
What did you think of these videos? What's the worst piece of hair advice you've ever received? Can someone please try the "natural locks" on their weave and send me pics? Thanks in advance :)
***Update: Here's a tweet from @TypeF:
"Dear typeF fans and supporters, thank you very much for voicing your concerns about the specific videos found on our YouTube channel. We have disabled the videos in question and will have our editorial team review each one based on your feedback. If you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Thank you for your patience in advance."

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