Stylistas: 2 Cool Fashion Blogs

Sometimes my blog inspirations come from the unlikeliest places. Take this post, for instance. I'm going to hip you to two hot fashion blogs I've found recently, and it was all inspired by Rogers On Demand. Let me explain. I was sitting at home, catching up on episodes of a new show called Revenge, which airs on CityTV (Wed. nights at 10pm! Check it!). A dope, dope show, but I did a bit of googling on the cast, and found out that one of the stars has a cute fashion blog called Ring My Bell!

Meet Ashley Madekwe:

Photos courtesy of Ring My Bell 

I love Ashley's free-flowing style - she has her staples, like short shorts, leopard, and leather, but always puts things together in a cool way. Her style on Revenge is impeccable, but it's great to see that she does her thing on the fashion front away from the cameras too. She also has a refreshingly fun personality, which makes reading her blog all the more enjoyable. A bonus: she does giveaways every now and then, so I'll be keeping an eye out to see if she opens her contests up to Canadians too!

Now, on to the 2nd hot fashion blog, Style Pantry. Meet Folake Kuye Huntoon:

Photos courtesy of Style Pantry 

A working wife and mother of 3, Folake is the hottest self-professed soccer mom I've ever seen. I won't lie, the first thing that caught my eye was her amazing hair, but a few looks at her style file and I was hooked. She shares my love of colour, and her accessories are fantastic! Listen...if I can be this stylish with a gang of mini-Mes running around, I'll be happy!

So there you have it. Thanks to Rogers On Demand, I was led to Ashley's blog, which reminded me of Folake's blog, which I'm sharing with you! I haven't perused a good personal fashion blog in a while, so I'm glad to have found these two. For me, fashion has always been like a decadent piece of strawberry cheesecake...something to indulge in and enjoy when you need a break from the everyday grind.What I love about these two blogs is that both ladies mix high-end with vintage and lower-cost items to get a unique look. No one is running around telling me to drop non-existent stacks on a handbag that will only be "in" until March. Fashion is such a personal thing, so I don't hate if a blogger has money to blow...but I don't. Haute couture is pure eye candy to me, but I get inspired by more attainable ideas. Now, I'm tempted to dig around in my closet and see what I can find...

What do you think of these stylistas? Do you have any other fashion and style blogs that you frequent? Has anyone checked out the new Topshop at Yorkdale? AND...where are the best vintage shops in Toronto? Drop a line in the comments and let a sista know! 

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