Black Web Love: Milk + Honey (Ep. 2)

Episode #2 of the Milk + Honey web series is here! Only 8 minutes long, so sneak a peek on your lunch break or whenever the boss ain't lookin' ;) [youtube=]

My favourite parts:

  • yummy, YUMMY Bryce Wilson! A crush of mine since Groove Theory days
  • the introduction of Farrah - I think she'll be a trouble maker...
  • Nia and Will's too-cute kissing scene
  • Harper spelling out her resume and then getting put in her place...I think she needed that
  • the "Why Are You The Ish?" exercise in Eva Monroe's acting class - this scene really hit me!

I wish we got a bit more of Farrah's story and what she'll bring to the group. Also, some of the scenes are a bit disjointed for me - like, when did Harper and Jonathan start swapping spit? Was that real life or Harper's imagination running wild? Didn't make sense to me. However, I'm loving the look and feel of the series...the opening credit montage with the girls...and Nia is still my fave character!

What did you think of Episode 2? If you missed Episode 1, click here and get caught up! Will you keep watching?

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