Have Hair Issues? MTV's True Life Is Looking For You!

This news has been making its way around the web (not without its share of controversy - sigh), so I thought I should bring it here for your perusal!

MTV's True Life is casting folks with hair woes, and is also looking to feature people who are ready to wear their hair in its natural state. Here is the synopsis:

"Is your hair your obsession? Do you have unwanted hair, or not the "right" hair? Are you someone with a hormone imbalance that leads to hair loss, or facial hair growth? Culturally are you told your hair should be one way, but you want it another? Have you been spending ridiculous amounts of money on weaves and extensions and are ready to go natural? Do you feel natural hair would let you embrace your true self, and you want to go for the "big chop?" 

How does your hair affect your social life? Does your hair make you feel unattractive and affect how you interact with members of the opposite sex? Are you undergoing a procedure to alter your hair or do you go to great lengths to manage it? Are you digging yourself into a financial hole just to manage your hair? 

If you appear to be between the ages of 15 -28 and have hair that's making you unhappy, email us at casting@lintonmedia.com and tell us about your story. Please include your name, location, phone number and recent photos of yourself."

~ MTV True Life Casting Site

The title of the show is "True Life: I Hate My Hair" - while I don't think most people transition because they outright HATE their hair, I know that I was particularly unhappy with the state of my relaxed hair when I decided to go natural. If this was offered back about 4 years ago, I would have been All. Over. It!

I've been seeing another casting description floating around various natural hair care sites:

"Is your hair your obsession? How are you struggling with your hair? Do you feel natural hair would let you embrace your true self, and you want to go for the “big chop?” Why now? What has held you back up to this moment? We would like to follow someone who is ready to do the “big chop” and follow them on their journey as they transition into their natural hair."

Not sure where this description originated, but this is the one that seems to be rubbing some women the wrong way, and it is not the one I found on MTV's site...

Hmm...transitioning and natural hair terms like "big chop" being featured on mainstream TV? Interesting! Without sharing any of the negative points I've read regarding this casting call, do you foresee any problems with this show? Or are you firing up your email to throw your hat (or head) in the ring? 

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