Hey, MAC! Bring Back Afrobella's 'All My Purple Life'!

I've signed petitions for some pretty heavy issues in my life. Troy Davis, environmental issues, community programs, and the like. Today, I was glad to sign a petition that was for a bit of a lighter cause, but one that I'm more than happy to support! Patrice Yursik (aka Afrobella) was one of the bloggers recently chosen to create an exclusive make-up product for MAC. With her love for beauty and all thing Prince, she created the most luscious, regal, delectable lipglass I've ever seen. Allow me to introduce 'All My Purple Life':

Now, 'All My Purple Life' sold out before ya girl could even get her hands on a tube! To look at the colour itself, I was a bit wary...but I actually tried it out at MAC and would have grabbed it if I hadn't forgotten my wallet at home :( Seeing it on so many different skin tones, worn layered or alone is enough to convince me that I need a tube to satisfy my lip love. The bad news? MAC has apparently discontinued the lipglass! However, Afrobella's supporters  are not hearing it! One of my fave Twitter chicks, @purplepeace79 created a petition to convince MAC to bring back the beloved lipglass. If you like pretty things, want to support a woman like Afrobella who continues to inspire, and/or just want to make this lil blogger happy (and possibly lucky enough to get a tube), then you know what to do:

Head here for the petition to bring back 'All My Purple Life'!

Thank you kindly! I'll be keeping my eye on MAC to see if this works out for me and all other make-up lovers!

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