Namaste: Do You Want To "Yoga While You Work"?

I'm definitely feeling that end-of-year crunch. Finding meaningful Xmas gifts for family and friends without pandering to the commercialism of the season; being inundated with work functions (how many holiday parties, baking days, potlucks, and Kris Kringle events can we do in one week?); and putting the finishing touches on my final term paper have me exhausted. I often have to remember to literally stop for a moment and just breathe...otherwise, I might just lose it.

Are you feeling like me? Do you wish you just had a moment to press pause on life and do something for yourself? Well, I may have just the thing...

Thanks to Twitter, I've been acquainted with some cool people like Georgette Dunn (@RdySetFlow) :

"Georgette Dunn is a 200-Hour Certified Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness lover. Her appreciation for yoga began in 2005 and since then it has transformed her life and allowed her to be more at home in her body and at peace in her mind.

With her intimate knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Georgette feels privileged to be able to empower students with practices that are educational while still engaging and accessible. Through purpose-driven classes, she aims to provide students with the tools to pursue a strengthening, confident practice where asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing), and meditation interact collectively to rejuvenate the body and mind."

Even better? She's a homegrown Torontonian doing big things!

On December 19th at noon, she'll be hosting a FREE webinar entitled "Yoga While You Work"  - a 30 minute yoga session that you can do in the privacy of your home or office! I'll definitely be shutting my door and getting my stretch on. As per the program description, these will be exercises that you can do right at your desk! That means no worries of being in your downward dog when Bob from Marketing busts in to ask you to for your year-end report.

How do you get in on this good stuff? Head here and click on the "Register" tab. From there, you can log in, or create a free account with Association Intelligence, an awesome webinar platform. My homegirl Ro wrote about another webinar we did recently with AI - go here to read her post. Once you've registered, you'll get an email reminder for the session, with all the instructions you need to launch the webinar on the 19th at noon. It's a simple process, but will yield some great results!

Will you be joining Georgette and I on Monday? What tips do you have for finding time for wellness at work? If you're chained to a desk in front of a computer all day, what do you do to relieve that tension?

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