Better Late Than Never: Happy Holidays!

Though I wasn't even remotely feeling the holiday spirit over the last few weeks, I finally started enjoying myself as soon as I stepped into my Mom's house on Friday.

Over the last few days, I've been indulging in food (cornbread, macaroni pie, turkey, curry goat, jerk chicken, sorrel, and the list goes on...); family (complete with tons of inside jokes); meeting up with old friends; and enjoying some time to just relaaaaaxxxx.....

It's slowly setting in this morning that it's time to leave my Mom's and head back to the real world, aka Toronto. Stay tuned for Marriage Lessons Part Two (the wrap-up to my previous post), an update on some holiday hair plans, and a look back at this crazy year called 2011!

No matter what you celebrate (or if you celebrate anything at all right now), I hope you're safe, healthy, and happy, with the love of family and good friends! Only a few days left in 2011 - make every one count!

Speaking of the New Year...have you started your vision board? If not, see my plans here!


Marriage Lessons: Part Two

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