Thursday Thoughts: Turning It Around & Flying High

"This morning I tweeted "2012 is starting off as the year of being stuck between a rock and a hard place." Now I realize that nothing will change if I don't change my train of thought. I'm making a serious effort to indulge in more gratitude, more positivity, more intention and action...less fear, less anxiety, less negativity and complacency.

I was complaining about work yesterday and immediately got a text that a friend had passed away from cancer. The lesson I got wasn't so much "be glad you have a*t could be worse" - it was more "life is too short...don't waste your time." I'm grateful for opportunities to turn things around."

~ yours truly

This is my 100th post (or it 101? Wordpress is conflicting at times). I promised it would be about my cousin Mike, but.....I'm just not ready to publish that post yet. Please accept this little mash-up of thoughts I've been having recently - go forth and prosper in positivity and all that good stuff :)  

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