Spreading My Social Media Wings: Where You Can Find Me!

Hey y'all! Hope you had a great weekend! I'm spreading my social media wings, so you know I have to keep you all updated!

Your girl Bee is the newest guest blogger on Three Naturals! Three Naturals is an awesome site and resource for natural hair care, and is based in Toronto! After chatting with the ladies via Twitter and email, I learned that we had similar motivations behind creating our respective sites: being an Afro-Canadian voice for natural hair care, and representing North of the border. There's strength in numbers, so I'm happy to be collaborating with the ladies! Check me out every other Friday - to kick things off, Three Naturals reprised my "In-Between Length" post this past Friday, but going forward I will be sharing brand spankin' new natural-haired goodness!

While you're killing time on Facebook, find your way on over to the brand new '83 To Infinity Facebook Page! Hit the cat daddy on that "Like" button, and stay connected! You'll get my latest posts, plus and other goodies from the mind of Bee :) See you there!

If you're a Twitter fiend, you can find me there too! This is my personal Twitter account, so don't expect purely blog-related topics ;) Don't chalk Twitter up to be a time-waster - I've interacted with some incredible people and learned a LOT on Twitter. Just like life, it is what you make it!

Are you a social media junkie? What is your favourite social media site? I do a little bit of Tumbl'ing, I'm still trying to figure out Klout, and recently got an invite to join Pinterest..hopefully I don't burn myself out!

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