Hair Boredom: What To Do When You Need Something New

Hey y'all! I got a few posts out this week, but still feel neglectful :( I had an assignment due for one of the classes I'm taking this semester (I'm finishing up a post-grad certificate in Health Promotion), so I had to devote a lot of research and writing time to that. TGIF in a major way though! It's shaping up to be another busy weekend, but I'm looking forward to catching up on some sleep and FINALLY doing something with my hair! It's been draped up in a tired bun for the past few days, so I can't wait to wash and make it look half-decent.

Can't lie though - I've been getting increasingly bored with my hair. My usual two-strand twist-out is getting PLAYED out, so I need something new, and fast. Part of this yearning for newness likely also has to do with the fact that the days are getting longer, which means spring is just around the corner (even though we've been enjoying a crazy mild winter in Toronto). With spring comes all things fresh and new, and I always get the urge to switch things up once winter thaws out. But what to do?

Photo souce: Party Over Hair

I've been dreaming about twists for a while now. Thick kinky twists, small Senegalese twists...this style is so easy yet so versatile. I'd love to rock some super-long twists to get the best of both worlds: I can take a hair break AND still have crazy style options? Where do I sign up?

Photo source: Popstar

Even further back than the twists, I've had colour on my mind. I usually go light for the spring/summer, but skipped 2011. I'm craving some multi-dimensional pops of colour, and Tanika Ray has always been my hair dye dream girl. I've coloured before with no real damage, so I'm not afraid to take that leap. Some sunshiny-bright hair would definitely give me a new look, so maybe that's the way to go...

Maybe I just need to do a quick lil' flat iron and rock some straight locks for a while? I haven't straightened my hair in a few months, so maybe that's the change I need. The only thing that annoys me about straight hair is having to wrap it at night...sometimes a girl just wants to throw it in a bun and jump in the sack! I can't be bothered with the extra work at times - but it definitely allows me to keep my 'do looking fresh for a LONG time. A good wrap at night = no need to do any touch-ups with the flat iron. I got a great trim at my last hair appointment and I've been working hard to protect my ends, so it would be nice to see how much length I've gained/retained...

...or maybe I just need to stop being lazy. If I put in more effort, I'm sure I could make the most of what I've got! I was (at one point) pretty creative with updos (like the top photo - loose flat twisted front into a low bun) - if I took the time, I'm sure I could come up with something cute! I could also pull out some heat protectant serum with my trusty blow dryer and do a blown-out wash n' go (like second photo) or blow my hair out prior to twisting. Or, I could take my own advice and get busy with my Curlformers (used in third photo)! I've been meaning to rock with them as of late, so I need to be like Nike and just do it. Maybe the only change I need is to make some more time for myself and explore something other than a bun or a twist-out. Could the answer be so simple?

Anyone out there also stuck in a hair rut? Do you have any big plans for a new spring style? Have an idea for a style I should try? Let a sista know!

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