Yes, I'm a Groupie: Sharing My Love For Henkaa

If you've been keeping up with this site, you'll know I stan hard for Henkaa dresses - these are gorgeous multi-wear/convertible/infinity dresses that you can tie a million and one ways for different styles and looks. I found Henkaa when I was looking for my bridesmaid dresses last year - as I had girls of all different shapes, sizes, and bank account depths, I had to find something that would look good on everyone, that wouldn't cost an arm and leg, and that they might want to wear again. Henkaa was PERFECT.

I made sure to scoop one for myself, and you've seen me wear it twice already on the blog (here and here). A dress that can look any way you want it? I'm ALL IN. Now, this post isn't sponsored at all - just showing love for some local ladies who are making big moves, and sharing something that you savvy readers might be interested in! Hit up their site for more info, or check their Facebook page for a cool contest they have going on - finalists have entered their love stories to Henkaa in order to win dresses for their bridal party. Help them and help yourself too! As a voter, you could win a short Henkaa dress of your very own! Just look for the "Vote and Win" tab on the left!

Good luck to all the finalists and voters!

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