Video Vibes: Newness From Teedra Moses & Jesse Boykins iii

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Two of my favourite artists dropped new videos in the last couple weeks, and I HAD to share them here with y'all. The music video game isn't what it used to be - I remember staying in on Saturday afternoons to tape every single video that came on X-Tendamix. I memorized dance sequences, got hair/makeup/clothing ideas, and lived for nearly any Hype Williams video created.

Maybe it's due to the fact that I'm older and have a ton of other things going on, but I haven't been as on top of the video world as I used to be. However, when I found out that Teedra Moses and Jesse Boykins iii had new visuals out, I had to take a peek!

Teedra Moses has been one of my favourite artists and 'friends-in-the-head' since she came out with her album Complex Simplicity back in 2004. She's now with Rick Ross' infamous Maybach Music Group, and dropped her first MMG video with labelmate Wale. Teedra's style is ALWAYS on point (she was a celebrity stylist prior to launching her music career), and she serves up a hot plate of sexy in the video for "Another LuvR":


Directed by Philthegod

Jesse Boykins iii is another musical gem of mine. This dude's voice is like butter melting on silk...just smooth. I found his debut album The Beauty Created and fell in love with his music and his vibe. The video for "B4 The Night Is Thru" is like the dopest houseparty ever. It gave me authentic earthy sensuality, and had me wondering how I could get an invite to the next jam. Oh, and I was lovin' all the natural styles all up and through:


Directed by Dr. Woo

Are you feeling these tracks? What are your favourite music videos? Biggie's "One More Chance" is one of mine - an ensemble video that looked like the BEST PARTY EVER? Yeah, I was lovin' it. What say you?

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