Bee Rips The Runway: World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto Style

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Well, it's been a pretty eventful week in my world. I spread the news via the '83 To Infinity Facebook page, but in case you didn't know, yours truly will be modeling in Toronto Fashion Week! Yes, yes, just like Caribana, TFW has undergone an official name change (from LG Fashion Week to World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto), but I ain't sayin' all that. Caribana and Toronto Fashion Week. I keeps it simple.

Anyways - I was told of a casting call for a line called VAWKKIN, and thought, "What the hell? Let's see what'll happen..." I submitted my photos, and a few days later was happy to receive an email that I was invited to the official casting call. I busted out my favourite heels, perfected my walk all up and through my apartment hallway, and headed downtown for the casting. 5 minutes after I arrived, I was finished - all that was left was to see if I was lucky enough to get a follow up email. When I checked my inbox just before bed, I saw the "Congratulations Bee..." and I went OFF. I was going to be in Toronto Fashion Week!

It's been a whirlwind since then. Meetings, rehearsals, fittings...all for what will end up being a 15 minute show AND the experience of a lifetime. The other models are AWESOME. The model coaches are AMAZING. And the designer? Chiiiiiile...Sunny Fong, winner of Project Runway Canada's 2nd season, creator of the gorgeous line VAWK and now its sister line VAWKKIN - he's an artistic genius, hilarious, and forward thinking. He's entrusted the launch of his newest line to a bunch of model newbies (and a diverse group at that), and we're all ready to make him proud!

I'm a total introvert, but sometimes magic happens when you get me on a stage with a spotlight. That inner Sasha Fierce comes out, and I'm ready to do my THING! We'll see how much fierceness I bring to the show - and if you want to check it out for yourself, I'll tell you how you can!

To get you fashionistas in the mood, check out the Toronto Fashion Week teaser:



Subscribe to the Toronto Fashion Week Youtube channel, and you'll be able to watch all of the runway shows, plus enjoy other fashion world tidbits!

If you're lookin' for ya girl, you can catch me on the runway for the VAWK/VAWKKIN show on Wednesday, March 14th at 4pm EST! I'll be documenting as the day goes on, and I'll give you guys a backstage pass after the show!

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