BEE ON THE SCENE: Malton Moms Workshops & How She Hustles Brunch

As this week comes to an end, I'm reflecting on just how busy and eventful the past few weeks have been. I was honoured to attend a few awesome events, and I wanted to let you all know about them! First up: my very first speaking engagement! A couple of weeks ago, I was happily surprised to get an email in my inbox inviting me to speak at the Malton Moms group in the Mississauga area. Malton Moms is a networking and support group for mothers in the Malton region, but in reality, they're so much more than that. Malton Moms provides an environment for mothers to be educated, entertained, supported, and heard. For their Creative Cafe's "Telling Your Story" edition of special meetings, I was invited to speak about how to "tell your story" with blogging.

For the last two Wednesdays, I spent my evenings in Mississauga with the group and talked, laughed, and learned. For the first session, I covered topics to help the ladies start and maintain their own blogs. It was easy to drive my points home by sharing my own personal experiences, and the ladies were receptive and interactive, which was awesome! For my second session, we focused on the Malton Moms blog, and I helped the group come up with a game plan for updating and revamping their site. This was especially great - the Malton Moms group is doing so many amazing things that it only makes sense for their web presence to mirror all of that awesomeness. Are you in the Malton area and looking for a group of mothers to connect with? You definitely need to get in touch with Malton Moms - check their Facebook page to stay updated! I had a great time, and was humbled and honoured to be invited to speak to their group. I was also inspired - there were a TON of sexy mommies up in there! Go 'head, ladies!

What comes to mind when you think of spending an afternoon with 100 women you don't know? For an introvert like me, that's a nerve-wracking experience, but it's one I encountered this past Sunday - and I loved it. I was lucky enough to attend the 3rd Annual How She Hustles Brunch at the Courtyard Marriot in downtown Toronto, and I had an amazing time! Hosted by Emily Mills and her team, the brunch was an opportunity to mix, mingle, and make real connections with women excelling in their main hustles and side hustles. This was different from other networking events because it was intimate enough to allow us the opportunity to chat with nearly every woman there. Everyone seemed positive, kind, and genuine in wanting to share their skills and learn about others - no pretentious posing or nonchalant business card tossing here! I was also impressed with the How She Hustles team's usage of social media - Emily and her team used Twitter and Facebook so effectively, and created a way for women not in attendance to still feel like a part of the event. Awesome gift bags, dope giveaways, the opportunity to meet Twitter-friends in real life, and the chance to connect with other beautiful and inspiring women - this event was a major win all around! Connect with How She Hustles on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to stay up to date with future events, because I know I'll never miss another one!

Big thanks to the homie Ajua Dee for snapping so many great pics!

And the events don't stop! May is my birthday month, and I have a few cool events planned to celebrate! Like the Facebook page and follow me on Twitter for more details! If you were at the Malton Moms workshops or at the How She Hustles brunch, say hello! I'd love to keep in touch!

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