FRIDAY FUN: Fashionably Late Fridays @ Dazzling Lounge

Last summer, a few ambitious folks got together and thought, "What is the Toronto nightlife scene missing?" Events that are not full of posed-up "industry" folks, parties that aren't geared to the "I stole my 21-year-old cousin's ID" crowd, jams that don't end with hotheads scrapping over perceived disrespect...kinda hard to come by in general, but seem to be few and far between in Toronto. I've lived here for 5 years, and some say I've missed the golden era of Toronto nightlife - but I have to say, the good parties I've been to in the city have been GOOD PARTIES. Thanks to those ambitious folks I mentioned (the good people of R Flavour, This Is Your Conscience, and Goddess Intellect), Toronto has another good party series to coincide with the return of the good weather - Fashionably Late!

Summer 2011 found me at Dazzling Lounge nearly every Friday. Dope Asian fusion cuisine, yummy drinks, good company and hype music (shout out to main DJ Kold Fusion) - I had quite the time. I ran into old friends, met new ones, danced to Poison with Robin Givens and got holla'd at by Clifton Powell (aka Pinky from the Friday movies). Let's just say, every Friday night was an experience.

Starting tonight (yes - TONIGHT!), Fashionably Late will regain it's position as the Friday night place to be for a cool, sexy, and fun affair. Dazzling Lounge has just revamped its patio space, so I'm excited to do some patio photo shoots with the Toronto skyline as my backdrop! The Fashionably Late team has a ton of tricks up their sleeve to add to your party experience. It's not just about a drink and a two-step - Fashionably Late plans to fully entertain you with special nights and pre-party happy hour events.

Speaking of special nights - the 2nd Friday of each month will be the Timeline party. DJ Kold Fusion will take you on a musical journey with an old school groove, taking us from current time to the mid 80's in hip hop, RnB, reggae, soca, house, and anything else he comes up with (people have broken heels to Nirvana thanks to DJ Kold Fusion, so wear your good shoes, ladies!). Next Friday, May 11th, will be the first Timeline jam, and it'll also be my birthday party! I'm calling it my Bee-Day Party, and I want you (yes, YOU!) there!  My actual birthday is May 10th, but I'll be ringing in my new year at Fashionably Late on the 11th. If you want to come sip a drink or dance on a table top with me, shoot me an email! Hit me up on Facebook! Tweet me on Twitter! You know how to reach me :) I may be doing my own little event at an upcoming Fashionably Late, so I'll keep y'all posted on that too...

Catch up with the Fashionably Late news via their Facebook page and Twitter - come shake a leg!

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