Ok. It's Monday, but who's still living off of the buzz of the weekend? I better not be the only one! My weekend was great! If you remember my Toronto event run down from last week, I highlighted a few key events happening in the city.  Outside of doing some writing and a lot of housework, I got to hit up a few awesome events and get myself into a bit of an uncomfortable situation. Let me explain...

Friday night was Fashionably Late's Sunset Rum Punch party at Dazzling Lounge. When I tell you that rum punch was sweet, it was SWEET. With the drinks, tunes, and summer night's heat, all I needed was some sand beneath my feet for a true Caribbean experience. Friday night was also the celebration of life for Doran Major, a former CFL player and leader in Toronto's entertainment scene. Fashionably Late regulars mingled with Doran's friends, which made for an awesome night!

Saturday night found me at the play Deranged with HomieLoverFriend and a couple of friends. Deranged starred Robin Givens (who made her regular appearance at Dazzling Lounge the night before) and Carl Payne II (aka Cockroach from The Cosby Show and Cole Brown from Martin). Described as "a contemporary urban take on 'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle'", Deranged (by playwright Angela Barrow Dunlap) showcased Carl's natural comedic gift, Robin's ability to play a true lunatic, and some homegrown Toronto talent. There were twists and turns, suspense, and enough hilarious moments to deem this a great play for a fun night out. But the REAL fun started at the play's reception after the show! I got to chat and get pics with Robin and Carl (who remembered me from conversations we've had on Twitter), and jam to some dope soca music. Even though I cannot stand the song Palance anymore, I took a minute to teach Carl (who's JUST as hilarious in person as he is on stage/TV) how to do the dance! Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with each and every episode of Martin - so it was a bit surreal given that earlier that day, I was cackling over the "Rent Em Spoons/Marty-Mart's Meatloaf & Waffles" episode, and now I was chatting with the man who played Cole like we were homies!

HomieLoverFriend and I hit up Popeyes for some good ole chicken and biscuits, when something happened to me that has never happened before. While HLF was off in search of a washroom to wash his hands, I was interrupted mid-bite by a woman who was clearly panhandling. She sweetly complimented my hair, then asked for some change to get food. I added some change to the loonies and quarters she already had in her hand and wished her well. She looked down at her palm, back up at me, then yelled out "THAT'S IT? HOW THE F*CK AM I 'POSED TO EAT WITH THAT?" I. Was. Floored. Before I could react (and snatch my damn coins back!), she stormed out. As if that wasn't bad enough, she came back a couple minutes later with a friend to point me out as "that cheap one there". Welp. I did a serious nervous laugh until HLF came back and asked "So, what did I miss?"

After the Popeye's incident, my homegirl T and I hit up the club 6 Degrees for a fun old school party - ran into Cole Carl and the Deranged cast, and also spotted Malik Yoba, who's surprisingly tall (and whose lips were luxuriously moist). I guess Toronto was the place to be this weekend! Good times were had by all!

So how was your weekend? Has anyone else seen Deranged? What did you think? Did anyone go to the NXNE Raekwon/Ghostface show on Sunday night? So sad I missed it :( Let me know how you spent your weekend! 

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