FIGHT! SONYA BLADE VS. LIU KANG: Toronto's Battle Of The Sexes Event Recap

The easiest way to turn into a social butterfly is to have awesome friends who plan awesome events that you just HAVE to support. This past weekend, I continued my fake Toronto socialite life by staying out way past my bedtime on Sunday, but for very good reason! Sunday night was Battle Of The Sexes Toronto, a live-panel event by my homie Telisha of Goddess Intellect.

After the success of last year's Battle Of The Sexes event in New York City, Telisha was strongly convinced (see: forced) to create a Toronto edition. After weeks of hard work and planning with her team, the big night arrived, and it was DOPE!

My homegirl Gillian and I arrived to the super-sexy Peridot Resto Lounge early enough to grab prime seats, and in no time, the venue was full of good-looking Torontonians. We were all ready to see what this Battle Of The Sexes would entail, and (more importantly) who would win!

The event was described as follows:

Battle of the Sexes is a distinctive yet interactive social event for patrons to network and participate in lively discussions surrounding the topics of love, marriage, sexuality, dating, and relationships.  Founder Telisha Ng creator of the well known blog Goddess Intellect, saw a gap in the market for events of value that cater to young urbanites in search of answers on how to better understand the opposite sex while having fun.

Panelists included Telisha, author Stacey Marie Robinson, Dr. Vibe of the Vibe and Vegas Podcast Show, and Lincoln Anthony Blades of the blog This Is Your Conscience.

Topics included: Safe sex - how do men feel about women who provide their own condoms? Living at home - how open are you to sleeping with someone who still lives at home with their parents? Stereotypes - how much truth is there to the stereotypes we often hear about men and women? The friend zone - how do you avoid it (if you can at all)?

Let me just say - the discussions were HOT. I knew the panelists (especially Mr. Blades) would come correct, but the audience came hard as well! When Lincoln said he'd have "questions" for a woman who pulled out a condom before he did, I thought some women in the audience were going to stone him. The hostess, HLBB from Her Little Black Book asked the audience "When was the last time you were intimate with someone who lived at home?" to which a woman yelled a resounding "This morning!" Not sure if her man, who was sitting next to her, was prepared for her to put it all out there! A few Americans in the house reminded us that the same complaints men and women have of each other in Toronto are the ones they have south of the border as well, so the grass might not be greener. The friend zone conversation broke the definition down in such a way that I wondered how many times I had been friend zoned, or how many times I may have unknowingly friend zoned someone else. I didn't think the friend zone was that serious...but Battle Of The Sexes let me know that it most definitely was. Yummy drinks helped to loosen some tongues, and delicious desserts kept the convos as sweet as possible. All in all, the event (which was also live-streamed) was a wicked time.

Want a sneak peek of the event? Here's a video from Fiana Andrews of Approach2Link:


Keep up with the Battle Of The Sexes team via their website and Twitter - BOTS will be hitting the road, with events set for Atlanta, San Francisco, and a NYC return!

As far as who won? Well, here's what Lincoln has to say:

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Were you at BOTS in Toronto (or the original NYC event)? If so, what did you think? Have you had similar "battle of the sexes" convos with your friends? How heated do those get?


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