WHAT'S GOOD: It's Good News Friday!

Photo source: Your New Hollywood

How can you NOT love Fridays? For those of us locked into the Monday-Friday/9-5 grid, Venus' day is the signal of freedom, fun, rest, and relaxation. Add payday to the mix, and Fridays can be downright glorious! Lately, my Fridays have lost a bit of their glimmer. My schedule is busy at the best of times and maddening at the worst of times, so Fridays usually mean I have two days to squeeze in all the things I didn't get to do during the week.

Rest? Relaxation? Those are foreign concepts to a busy Bee like me.

Instead of wallowing in my woes of a hectic lifestyle, I've been forcing myself to see the silver lining and focus on the positives. Last Friday, after being rocked by a week of violence here in Toronto and the theatre shooting in Colorado, I put out a call to action on my Facebook page for friends to state some good news - I called it Good News Friday, and it was GREAT.

Photo source: Time Out Chicago

Our news stories are often dismal and filled with fear. Work is stressful. Bills are due. Gas is high, and road rage levels are higher. We don't take enough time to focus on what's good in our lives - the things we're truly grateful for and the things that make us smile through the tough times. We also don't take enough opportunity to toot our own horns a bit! Being humble is great - being arrogant is not - but we MUST be able to find a happy medium to celebrate our accomplishments, no matter how big or small, right? I say, give yourself a little bit of room to strut your stuff and share what makes you awesome. And last Friday, that's what we did!

It was so mood-lifting to see people share their Good News: being grateful for loving husbands and adorable babies, celebrating new jobs and acceptance to law school - we covered the gamut. That being said, whether on the blog or on the Facebook page, I'd like to make sure we end our work weeks with some Good News. So, be ready to share yours - no good news is too small to rejoice in.

Let me kick things off with some Good News of my own (and an announcement I made a few days back via FB and Twitter): '83 To Infinity got nominated for FOUR Black Weblog Awards! Best New Blog, Best International Blog, Best Personal Blog, and Best Writing In A Blog - I nearly passed out when I got the news! Now, I'm aware of one of the people who nominated me, but the other is a secret. Either way, I am undoubtedly humbled by the recognition, and so, SO excited (and kinda nervous)! I'll keep you all posted on when voting is open!

Ok - so, what say you? Share your Good News here in the comments section or on Facebook, and let's get this weekend started off RIGHT!


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