CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Vote for '83 To Infinity In The 2012 Black Weblog Awards

Photo source: Brent Hodson

In the midst of a crazy busy weekend (a wedding, two baby showers, two doctor's appointments, and a film festival screening), it almost slipped my mind that September 15th was an important day for '83 To Infinity! You see, this past Saturday was the opening day of semi-final voting for the Black Weblog Awards, of which this lil blog is nominated in four categories:

  • Best New Blog
  • Best International Blog
  • Best Personal Blog
  • Best Writing In A Blog

Though I was ready to throw my hat in the ring for Best New and Best International, it seems like some of y'all beat me to the punch AND nominated me for more than I planned! I guess sometimes I think too small, so this was another reminder to think BIG! Thanks again to those who nominated me (I know folks had to come out of pocket to pay that nomination fee!) and those of you who read every day :)

I haven't really had to run a voting campaign since I ran for Student's Council back in high school (my shy self didn't do well with the speech delivered in front of the entire school), but this campaign feels a bit different. There are no promises of what I'm going to do for my readers, no major changes to come, no tearing down my fellow nominees and telling you why I'm better than everyone else. Why? Because I feel that my work speaks for itself. I got the nominations based on things I was doing before any thought of awards crept into my mind. I got the nominations because y'all have supported me in so many ways, which drives me to want to create quality content. All I want to do with these nominations is encourage you to continue your support, and see if we can't make '83 To Infinity an award-winning blog by the end of the year! If you're a new reader checking this site out for the first time, please go ahead and peruse the archives. I'd be grateful if you found something that drove you to vote for me in the BWAs, but I'd be even happier if you also found something that resonated with you and made you say, "I've gotta come back tomorrow!"

Ready to vote? Head here to the official Black Weblog Award ballot page and look for '83 To Infinity in the above-mentioned categories. The voting timeline is as follows:




 '83 To Infinity is like my baby, and I've enjoyed raising her for the past year. Like any proud parent, when your creation gets recognition, you want to ride it until the wheels fall off! Thank you for helping my baby to gain recognition on a broader scale, and thank you - as always - for supporting me and '83 To Infinity!

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