CURL TALK PT 2: Curly Hair Lessons From Curl Bar Beauty Salon

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Did you catch Part 1 of my interview with Trudie Mulalu of Toronto's Curl Bar Beauty Salon? There was so much I wanted to know, that I had to split it into two parts - in this segment, we get a bit more in depth about curly hair care and the styling options we have available to us. Take a read, and don't forget to visit Curl Bar online, follow on Twitter, and like their Facebook page - and if you're in Toronto and looking for a great salon, give Curl Bar a call!

Without further ado - here's Trudie giving us the real deal on curly hair care!

As we move into the colder fall and winter months, what should we do to ensure that our hair stays healthy?

In cold weather, keeping up with the hydration of your curls using the right products will prevent the dryness and frizz. Use a conditioner that works with and for your hair and not against it. Example, when hair is shedding in the winter most people tend to give themselves a protein treatment when all they need is a moisturizing treatment. Protein dries out your hair if not used correctly. Protein is usually used to try and repair broken bonds after a chemical treatment. Please pay attention to the ingredients and instructions on products. 

Give your hair a deep conditioning MOISTURIZING treatment (the tighter your curl the more frequent you need one, up to once a week). The product should be left on for the FULL RECOMMENDED time for it to have the desired effect. 

Dry hair thoroughly before stepping outside to avoid frozen hair that would weaken your hair strands causing breakage. 

Cover up! Use hats, scarves and other soft fabrics. Make sure your woolen hats are lined with a silky fabric and lastly line the collar of your woolen coat to prevent your nape hairs getting tangled.

What's one of the biggest hair myths you've heard regarding naturally curly and kinky hair? How would you dispel it?

 “My hair wont grow if I trim it.”

Very true! So many of us are afraid of trimming our hair, because we're trying to hold on to length. Why are trims important? How often should we be trimming?

Trims are important for several reasons: 

-To get rid of split ends. The split ends will spread up your strand and eventually the weaker part will break off leaving the ends of your hair thin.

-To oxygenate the ends to enable your strands to take in the moisture you are giving it. 

I have several analogies I can give for this, but will leave it for the next interview, hopefully I will get another one hint hint :)

What are the top three tools or products that kinky/curly girls should have?

1. A great moisturising leave-in conditioner (this can be used as a cleanser, conditioner and leave-in if necessary)

2. A penetrating oil

3. A Diffuser (for longer hair)

I often speak to natural-haired women who find themselves in a rut with their hair. What are some good options if we want to change things up and try something new?

A curly girl has several good options: 

- color is always exciting, even if it is just partial

- extensions (make sure the extensions are the same weight and texture as your own hair to prevent putting stress on your own hair;

- a cut (not a trim) to funk it up. 

These, of course, are just general suggestions - the ideal option would depend on the curly/kinky girl's lifestyle.

 There you have it! A few tips from one of Toronto's knowledgeable stylists, Trudie Mulalu of Curl Bar Beauty Salon. Do you have any other burning hair questions that you wish you could ask a professional? Let me know!

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