FOLLOW THE PATH: How I Started Listening To Signs Around Me

One of my favourite things in the entire world is when I get a sign that says, "Yes. You're on the right path."

As strange as it may sound, I tend to find confirmations or answers to my questions/dilemmas in lots of different ways. Sometimes I'll be pondering a problem, and a song on the radio will start singing the answer back to me. Other times, I'll have a vivid dream that gives me either a blatant or subdued message addressing something in my waking life. I may see a random quote on Twitter or Facebook, or might receive an email or text from a friend that reaffirms something and reminds me to keep pressing on. Regardless of method, I find that when I have a question on the brain a higher power will often throw a rock in my path, making me stumble and take notice that "Silly! The answer is right here!" Sometimes that power knows when I've been mulling over something, unsure of whether the next step is the right step, and I'll get a gentle nudge that tells me I should have faith. Earlier this week, I got that very nudge - in one of the most awesome ways.

Last week, I entered a contest hosted by Daniella of The BHD to win a new Sony VAIO L-Series computer. In order to win, you had to craft the best response that explained exactly what you would use it for. I remember sitting in front of my laptop, looking at the 50+ responses that had already been entered, and thought - what would I use it for? My current desktop is an ancient relic by today's standards, but that wasn't the draw. For me, it would be a tool to help me go full steam ahead with some new plans brewing in the forefront of my mind. Here's part of my entry response:

Over the past year, I’ve begun to undergo a transformation, and a big part of that has to do with my career goals and how I define success. I used to live solely with the intent of getting that next promotion or that corner office, but last year, I started re-discovering personal gifts that are showing me a new path.

In a lot of different ways, I'm learning to believe in myself. I'm learning to trust that my ideas are good ideas, that I am skillful, and that what I have to offer the world is valuable. I've been going through a cloudy identity crisis, possibly brought on by the fact that I'm almost 30 - but I'm starting to emerge from the other side of the fog, with my goals and intentions sharpening in focus. In our current fear-based society, it's easy to limit ourselves and stay complacent - but I've started giving myself permission to say "I want more!" and then go get it.

My dreams have been crazy vibrant lately. Dreams of black cats, flying through outer space, being pregnant - every morning I'd wake up and head to Dream Moods to decipher what each one meant:

  • To see a black cat in your dream indicates that you are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition.
  • To dream of outer space represents your boundless creativity.
  • To dream that you are pregnant symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. Being pregnant in your dream may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal.

I definitely have some new goals on the go - my dreams have shown me that I need to follow my intuition, embrace my creativity, and continue through the conception process to give birth to the new things I have in mind.

So, what does the Sony VAIO PC have to do with all this? Well, when I entered the contest, I thought that if I won, it would be another awesome cog in the wheel of Things Coming Together To Help Bee Acheive Her Goals. I'm creating a new dedicated home workspace to focus on my writing and work for other clients. I've gained opportunities that are leading me to develop new tech skills. In a weird way, I felt that winning this new computer would be another sign from the Universe telling me, "Yup - you're on the right path. Now get to work and make it do what it do, baby."

Guess what happened. I won.

After my shock and surprise and happy dancing and calling HomieLoverFriend and my mama to give them the news, I went back to read my entry. Thoughts of building side hustles, trying on the role of entrepreneur for size, giving myself permission to seek success through my passions and what I'm good at - all of those thoughts came flooding back, and I realized that now, I had to keep going. Someone thinks I'm on the right path, or I wouldn't have had dreams of intution and creativity and goals. Someone thinks I'm on the right path, or I wouldn't have won this PC after thinking about all the amazing things I would do if I won this PC.

HomieLoverFriend humours me when I talk to him about this kind of thing. I believe his logical-yet-goal-oriented brain hears what I'm saying and understands to an extent, but I think he chalks it up to just being one of the quirks that makes up the woman he fell in love with. A woman who gets signs from music; who won't go back to sleep after a dream until she writes the details down in her bedside notebook; and who starts off too many conversations with "Do you know what it would MEAN if (insert possibly meaningful thing here) happened?"

Well, the latest possibly meaningful thing happened when I won that PC, and now it's time to show and prove. I'm starting to see where all these dreams and signs and nudges are leading me, and I'm going with it.

I finished this post and wondered if it would make sense to ANYONE else who read it. Hopefully you get my overall point that there are often tons of signs around us that are guiding us or giving confirmation to the things we've been thinking about - consciously or subconsciously. Have you noticed any signs that are trying to help you out? Are you paying attention?

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