IT'S A SPRING THING: 4 Things I'm Doing With My Hair This Season

I'm not sure about your part of the world, but we finally got some beautiful spring-like weather in Toronto this weekend! While some of my city-folk got a bit overzealous with the flip flops and tank tops, I couldn't blame them for being excited to see a change from the dreary winter weather that seems to always overstay its welcome.

For me, spring gets me in the mood for a new look, and I know my hair is begging for a revamped style. Here are a few of the things I'm looking forward to doing with my 'do this season:


Colour is always at the top of my list. I've never been shy to experiment with colour, and I'm still on the hunt for a stylist who can (and won't be afraid to) give me the look I've been aiming for over the past 2 years. I'm STILL trying to get my Tanika Ray on, so hopefully I can get the look this spring! Leaving the colour application to the professionals and increasing my moisturizing and conditioning practices has never steered me wrong, so I don't worry too much about my hair health during colouring.

0121tanika tumblr_louz4eND111qi2ckeo1_400 Tanika_Ray+Feb_08_2009

Flat Twists

I have two left hands when it comes to cornrows, flat twists, single braids, and the like. I finally overcame some of my issues when I did my first set of Marley twists, so perhaps I can finally conquer my fear of flat twists. I saw this SUPERCUTE style combining flat twists and flexi-rods, and I cannot wait to try it out for myself! If anyone has any tips on how to master the flat twist, let me know!

flat-twist-puff flat-twists flat-twist-flexi-rod

shout out to The Beauty Thesis for the last photo! 

Roller Sets

I haven't done a good roller set since I had my hair relaxed, but I love the look of bouncy curls! I don't have a set of rollers, and HomieLoverFriend broke my hooded dryer while we were in the middle of moving, so this might be another option that I leave to the pros!

TER-roller-set style-rollerset-afro


I used to pre-poo with regularity, but I've fallen off. Pre-pooing is the practice of applying conditioning and moisturizing oils (faves: honey, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil) to your hair prior to washing, which helps to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. I used to have set wash days, so I knew exactly when I'd need to pre-poo. Now, I wash whenever I get the chance, which means a much more random time frame. By the time I decide to wash, there's no extra time available for a pre-poo - and while my hair has been doing well as is, I think getting back into the pre-poo practice will be even more beneficial.



As we move into spring, what are some of the new things you're thinking of trying with your hair? Or is there an old practice that's fallen by the wayside that you want to restart? Let me know in the comments section! 

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