HARRY JEROME AWARDS: 7 Questions With Award Winner Dr. Nadine Wong





Among this year’s Harry Jerome Award recipients, these three characteristics are commonalities that cannot be ignored. Honouring success within the African-Canadian community, the Harry Jerome Awards prominently highlight those who have displayed achievement, contribution, and excellence in their respective fields.

The BBPA has chosen to feature a few of the 2013 award-winners, allowing them to share their stories and tell us a bit more about themselves. Dr. Nadine Wong is this year’s Sterling Dental Excellence in Health Sciences Award winner.

Dr. Wong is an immigrant of Jamaica, who has resided in Canada for over 20 years. CEO of Alabaster Wellness Clinic, author, and creator of Alabaster cosmetic ointment, Dr. Wong has taken her love of health, wellness, and beauty to new heights.

With Doctorates in Cosmetology and Trichology, General Practice Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychotherapy degrees, a diploma in Hairdressing, and certificates in Psychology, Interpersonal Group Skills, and Black Hair Dressing, Dr. Wong is an expert in her converging fields of holistic wellness – healing the mind, body, and soul.

In 2010, Dr. Wong founded the Alabaster Charity, which focuses on enhancing children’s education in third world countries. The charity was founded under the vision and mission that no child living in poverty or who was less fortunate should feel behind in their education due to a lack of resources.

With all that Dr. Wong has accomplished, it’s no wonder that she has been awarded the Sterling Dental Excellence in Health Sciences Award at this year’s Harry Jerome Awards! Here are Seven Questions with Dr. Nadine Wong:

BEE: Tell us a bit about your business and what you do. Also, what is one interesting or little-known fact about you?

DR. WONG: My business is a unique blend of wellness through the scientific studies of hair, mind, and nutrition. A little-known fact about me is that I am a philanthropist who loves to take the time to smell the roses.


BEE: What was your first reaction when you heard you won your Harry Jerome Award? What did your family/friends/colleagues think?

DR. WONG: I cried, praying tears of overwhelmed joy and thanksgiving, for there were no words to frame and express that moment. Family and friends stated [that the award was] timely and well deserved.


BEE: Have you been to the Harry Jerome Awards before? If so, what was one of your top memories of the event? 

DR.WONG: Approximately four or five years ago I was a busy volunteer at the Harry Jerome Awards, and in spite of my tasks I was moved and motivated by the keynote speaker, then Governor General Michaëlle Jean.


BEE: What are you most looking forward to at this year's awards? Is there anyone you're looking forward to meeting?

DR. WONG: It would be a pleasure to meet and make contact with everyone, if possible.


BEE: What do you feel is the significance of the Harry Jerome Awards in today's African-Canadian community? 

DR. WONG: The significance of the Harry Jerome Awards is that we as African-Canadians are still focused on unity of talent, gifts, strength, and love that can only encourage us never to give up on self or each other.


BEE: What does winning this Harry Jerome Award mean to you personally?

DR. WONG: Personally, this award confirms that my gifts made room for me to be the recipient, and it’s empowering.


BEE: Finally, what is your key to success?

DR. WONG: The key to success is don’t be afraid to be successful.


Dr. Nadine Wong accepts her award at the 31st Annual Harry Jerome Awards on April 27th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. To connect with her and learn more about her work, please visit the Alabaster Wellness Clinic website.

Still planning on getting your ticket to the event? Visit the Harry Jerome Awards website! See you on the 27th

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