HOT FOOT: Tdot/NYC Events That You Won't Want To Miss

I frequently sit back and express gratitude for the things I've been blessed with, and ask God to continue to bless me with more amazing opportunities and experiences. Welp, they say "Be careful what you wish for" for good reason. The next few weeks are about to be a whirlwind in my life, but for my Torontonian and American peeps, I wanted to keep you up-to-date on where I'll be and what I'm doing. Looking for a dope event to hit up? This post is for you! June 14th: Battle of the Sexes: For Love or Money?


If you recall, I had my first-ever panelist experience last November as a member of Telisha Ng's event, Battle of the Sexes: Is Monogamy A Myth? I got up there on stage not knowing what the hell I was going to say and just prayed I didn't sound stupid when I did speak - and left the event feeling like I could verbally battle with the best of 'em! My homegirl Telisha is bringing her BOTS show back to Toronto after a successful stint in Oakland last month, so if you're in the Toronto area this Friday, you don't want to miss it! 4 panelists (including my good friend Lincoln Anthony Blades) will debate the various issues around relationships and money, so you know it's going to get hot! Check out the BOTS website for more info and to grab your tickets!

Bonus: Here's a clip of one of the more brazen moments at last year's BOTS show were Lincoln and I challenged an audience member's thoughts on cheating (language NSFW)



June 16th: Dead Wit Laugh ft. Donnell Rawlings


I've told y'all about this show before, and I'm telling y'all again: I have NEVER worked so hard on something in my life. Never had something take over my life the way this show has. Never took a risk this big before. But hey - you've got to try new things and hope for the best, right? That being said, HomieLoverFriend's event coordination company, R Flavour Inc. is putting on an AMAZING comedy show just in time for Father's Day! Dead Wit Laugh features amazing Toronto stars like Nick Reynoldson, Dwayne Morgan, Trixx, Dave Merheje, and Jay Martin - and our dope headliner is Donnell Rawlings, Mr. Ashy Larry from Chappelle's Show himself! Dead Wit Laugh serves as the only Canadian stop on Donnell's Ashy to Classy comedy tour, and is the headlining comedy show of this year's NXNE Festival (sister to the SXSW Festival that went down earlier this year). The icing on the cake? Since HomieLoverFriend lost his father to diabetes complications a few years ago, we'll be donating part proceeds to the Canadian Diabetes Association! So come on out - do some good - and laugh til yuh belly bus'! Check the Ticketmaster link to get your tickets before they're sold out!



June 21-23: #BeeinNYC for the Blogging While Brown Conference!

BSMS_Is_Speaking_Ads- 6-10.002

After a failed attempt at hitting NYC in February, it's going down for real next weekend. I'll be speaking at the Blogging While Brown Conference, doing a presentation called "Cross-Border Conundrums: Being An International Black Blogger" - and I can't wait. I'm nervous as hell, don't get me wrong, but I can't wait. I had an awesome time last year, and I'm looking forward to amping it up this year by learning more, meeting more awesome people, and slaying my presentation! Are you going to BWB as well? Live in NYC and want to link up? Holla at a sista!


August 15-17: Warsan Shire in Toronto


This event is a couple of months away, but I had to let y'all know now so that you could get in where you fit in. I found Warsan Shire on Twitter, and my life as a poetry consumer and creator was forever changed. A 24 year old Kenyan-born Somali poet/writer based in London, England, Warsan Shire has made a name for herself globally. Author of Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth and an acclaimed poet who has read her work all around the world, Warsan will be in Toronto for a special show called The Ism, and for a series of intimate workshops! I definitely made sure to sign up and get my spot - Warsan is the truth, and Mama ain't raise no fool. Check out IFreeCan's site for more details and to grab your tickets!

Ok. I think that covers it. If I can get through June, it'll be smooth sailing for the rest of the summer - I hope! You never know what might be up next...

Am I seeing you out at any of these events? Let me know! 

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