MIAMI MOVES: Family, Fetes, & Forward Thinking


By the time y'all read this, I'll be leeeeeeeaving on a jet plane - departing Miami and heading back to life, back to reality in Toronto. This morning, Delta emailed me my check-in notification, and I was hit with a twinge of melancholy. The funny thing about good vacations is that I never really want them to end, but I'm still excited to get back home and make life a bit better. Going home sets me up for the challenge of making my days between vacations more enjoyable, and at least gets me back to making the money that will get me back on another plane sooner than later.

Thanks to family and friends in Miami, it's always felt like a second home. Miami Carnival always falls on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so my trips during this time of the year have always given me a few extra things to be thankful for. From kissing on baby cousins to wukkin' up with university friends to jumping up at breakfast fetes (bottle service at 7:30am? There's a first time for everything!), this past week in Miami has been wonderful:

A little airport reading...

Tribe fete...the venue was lovely!

My little buddy - making him giggle is every.damn.thing.


This picture is so truthful of this little one's energy...he just will NOT stay still!


Vale Breakfast Party...jammin' under the sunrise!


My eclectic Vale 'fit. The last time I'll be able to dress like this to a fete until next summer...or Trinidad Carnival :-)


Frenzy boat cruising w/ HomieLuva and friends


I'm going to hang onto this sunny, glistening tan for as long as I can...

A peaceful visit to the marina at sunset. Beautiful, ain't it?

I got to enjoy a few of my favourite things this past week: summer heat, excellent parties, wonderful shopping, deep belly laughs with friends, sweet kisses from babies, good food, and great drinks. I got to see my soca crush Kees from Kes The Band at not one, but TWO fetes. I got to spend time with some of my favourite family members. I got to watch shows and TV channels that I don't get back home (VH1? TVOne? Big Freedia on The Melissa Harris-Perry Show? I got my life). I was able to detach from my phone/lap top (not completely, but still in a significant way), and actually started to feel something that reminded me of what it's like to relax. Relaxation has become quite difficult for me to attain, so re-learning how to take it easy was a win for me. Can I hang on to that win when I get home? We shall see...

For the first time, I actually kind of look forward to going home. This relaxed, freed-up, sexy alter-ego shouldn't only reside in Vacation Land, and I'm determined to make sure I bring those elements back home with me to real life. And while I may grumble about having to go back to work, work is what affords me the ability to start plotting for my next vacation! So, where to next? If I can squeeze in another trip to a warm climate with all-inclusive food and drinks once the Toronto winter hits, I'll be a happy camper. After the hustle and bustle of Miami, a trip for two with HomieLuva or even just a solo jaunt with me, myself, and I might be in order. We'll see which way the wind blows :)

Does traveling tickle your fancy? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, and who would you go with?

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