SHE'S HERE: Little Magician Has Arrived!

littlemagician Hey y'all :-)

If you've peeped my Facebook, IG, or Twitter in the past couple of days, you'll know what's new in my life. Layla the Little Magician made her debut into the world with the sunrise on the summer solstice, and my whole world has been renewed.

I can't even put into words what the past few days have been like, so I won't try just yet. All I know is that I've never been more in awe, more introspective, more discombobulated, more dazzlingly in love than I have been since she arrived.

Thank you to everyone who sent their well-wishes and positivity to HomieLuva, Little Magician, and I - we can REALLY feel the love!

I'm planning on keeping up with my weekly posts, but there's a new boss in the household now, so she will play a major role in what gets done and how :) And while my labour was pretty damn smooth (from what I'm told - I obviously have nothing to compare it to!), I'm truly in recovery mode and have to make sure I pace myself.

Don't forget about me, because I haven't forgotten about y'all! Until the next post!

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