Wedding Styles for Naturals

Even though we're out of the traditional wedding season, this is 2011. People are getting married every month, day, and time you could imagine. Therefore, I think it's fitting to cover a question that I'm sure all natural brides will face at some point:

" are you going to do your hair?"

I recently got married (almost our 2-month anniversary, y'all!), and I was asked this question almost every time I talked about wedding planning. Sometimes the question was genuine. Sometimes it had a tinge of worry to it, and I'd know that the inquirer was really thinking, "I KNOW she's not going to walk down the aisle with that nappy head..."

I was able to just laugh it off, but I know for some, it may throw shade all over the plans you had for that cute twist-out or curly updo. So, what do you do if you're a natural-haired bride-to-be, looking for that perfect style?

A lot of sites have begun specific features on natural hairstyles for brides, and I was SO thankful for these resources when I was making my plans. Here are some great clicks:

Inspiration for Natural Hair Brides by Afrobella - gorgeous photos and ideas

Black Bridal Bliss - see her Tie The Knot Tuesdays feature to see real brides's Bridal Bliss feature - more amazing weddings and hairstyles

Natural Hair Brides - an amazing Tumblr site

Curly Nikki - look for her Natural Bride features for beautiful style submissions

Here are some photos for inspiration:

So, what did I end up doing with my hair on my day? Eh, some may say I sold out, but I chose the style I fell in love with. I had my hair blown out, flat ironed, and pin curled into a gorgeous retro style that just set my whole look off. It held up amazingly well in the summer heat, and the curls dropped beautifully in the days following the wedding:

All wedding photos courtesy of StarStruck Photography

Hair by Keren Chung of Pearson Lanes Hair Studio

Makeup by Faces by Pureness

As you can see, I went straight, but tried out so many varieties of natural curly styles during my planning. The best thing I learned was that there are a multitude of natural styles out there for brides-to-be, and curly hair can most definitely be formal and elegant, versus casual and carefree as it is usually portrayed.

If you're a natural, curly-haired lady looking for that ideal formal style, don't let anyone convince you that your kinks and curls aren't good enough!  Overall, do what YOU feel is right, and go with the style that makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful - your intuition won't steer you wrong!

Have you ever struggled to find a formal, natural hairstyle? For my married naturals, how did you style your hair for the wedding day? Have you had anyone attempt to deter you from a style choice? How did you handle it? And not to worry, more wedding details will be coming soon!

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