Funky, Fresh, Fly: Afrodelik Designs

I love fashion. But even more than fashion, I love uniqueness. I love having pieces that are rare or custom-made, because all too often, I see cookie-cutter images of "style" here in our city. If you're looking for something fresh and hot, look no further than to Afrodelik Designs, based right here in the T-dot! Founder and designer, Desiree Marshall says:

"We celebrate Black culture by producing rich, funky, hand-drawn afrocentric art collections for clothing. Afrodelik embraces the bounce of the afro, the groove and diverse curves of hot mamas, and the cockiness of shuga daddies. The strong energy of African spirit and our heroes and sheroes of today and yesteryears."

Take a look at some of Afrodelik's creations, and you'll see why folk like Alicia Keys, DJ MASEO (De La Soul), Sean Combs, Joe Jackson, and Morris Day (among many others) have snatched up their own goods:

T-shirts, dresses, kid's apparel, jewellery, and artistic prints are all available for purchase, so your body and home can be decked out in funky fresh Afrodelik styles! All items are available for purchase online, and also at Play De Record, Lavish and Squalor, and the Afrodelik Studio - see the store finder page for more details.

Let's support Toronto talent - don't miss their Facebook Group as well! What do you think of Afrodelik Designs? Do you know of any other amazing Toronto designers doing their thing? Drop me a line!

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