Beaches & Braid-Outs: Planning For Vacation Hair

If you didn't know, I'll be going on a trip next week. Not just any ole trip, but a very special trip, with a very special friend, to do some very special things! A week away is JUST what the doctor ordered, so while I'll miss regularly posting on here, I'm sure I'll get over it ;) Hair is always an issue for me when I go on vacay. When I had my hair relaxed, my go-to style was always to throw in some cute cornrows and call it a day. I just needed my scalp spray and my silk scarf, and I was good to go. Since going natural, vacation hair has gotten more fun - cornrows aren't needed when I'm not concerned about getting my hair wet at the pool, and humidity is no longer my worst hair enemy. No telling what I'll end up doing with my hair on this upcoming trip since I currently have it flat ironed, but I'll be prepared...

Here are some of my previous vacay looks:

As you can see, I like to travel :) I've learned to plan for the most low-key vacation regimens so that I'm not weighing my luggage down, or spending too much time in the bathroom mirror. Here's what I usually do:

  • Prior to leaving, I usually deep condition, wash, and twist or braid my hair. About 15 twists/braids will do, and I will pull them up into a bun or pin them up. This helps to stretch the hair in advance of any hair-shrinking humidity, and gives me minimal issues going through airport security checks. I used to wear a crochet hat over my twists, but having to take them off and ruin the whole boho traveler vibe wasn't fun.
  • Once I've settled into my destination, I undo the twists/braids and get ready for fun! As my hair gets wet, or if humidity creates too much fro action, I'll either a) go with the fro, b) wash and retwist, or c) do a wash n' go. C is my least favourite option, as my wash n' gos get supremely tangled after a day or two. B is my go-to, simply because for a day I can rock bunned or pinned twists, and then the next day I'll unravel.

What products/tools do I bring? These days, I try to bring as little as possible:

  • A cheap conditioner - Herbal Essences or Suave is great. I it use to wash, and as a leave-in during my trip.
  • ONE styling product. Usually shea butter, since it solidifies - no leaking out in my luggage!
  • Lots and lots of bobby pins, elastic bands, scarves, headbands, and clips. These help me to section and twist my hair mid-vacation, and also give me some accessorizing options if my hair starts to lose its sexiness.

Things I don't bring: No heat appliances - blow dryers are always in the hotel, or if staying with fam, I can dig one up somewhere. But drying my hair in the tropical sun is even better! No goopy product - saves me time and damage from in-flight explosions. I love products and tools that have multiple uses, which helps to make styling more efficient, and leaves more room in my luggage for items from Duty Free...

That's pretty much it! No muss, no fuss, just cute, sexy, easy hair! Maybe next time I'll try a more permanent style like cornrows, Senegalese twists, or braids - but as for this trip? It'll be me and my curls :)

What are your favourite vacation styles? Do you prefer to do a permanent style to last you your whole trip (and beyond), or do you have your own vacation regimen? Do share!

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