Doers & Talkers: Which One Are You?

One week into the new year, and already a clear divide has been created amongst people I know. On one side, we have the Talkers: folks that my homie Lincoln spoke about recently who have been hollering about New Year's Resolutions since before Dec. 31st, but have done nothing to move forward. For example, a distant acquaintance (I swear) who has "sworn off triflin' men"....but is still creeping around with a married dude in the Twenty Twelve. Then, we have the Doers. People who have made both realistic and lofty goals, but are taking concrete steps to achieving them. Case in point, my girl Rowena who has signed up to run a 10K later this year.

Where do I fall? Maybe somewhere in the middle. But that's where you guys come in! Whenever I'm super serious about something, I have to tell at least one other person so that they can hold me to it. Not only do I have someone who can hold me accountable, but I have someone to keep me in check if I start to get too hard on myself. On last year's vision board, I wrote "be your biggest defender, not just your biggest critic", but it's still something I struggle with. This year, I'm super duper serious about a few things. That's why I thought to bring a few of my intentions to the blog as the ultimate step in accountability. Not only have I created my 2012 vision board, not only have I told a few of these special things to some key folks, but just to really drive the point home, I'm going to immortalize my goals right here, right now. In front of you all.

Yes, I'm being a dramatic heffa. Just roll with it.


  • Running Like The Wind: After being tempted by my friends Rowena and Stacy, I too signed up for the Sporting Life 10K run for Sick Kids' Camp Oochigeas. I've always wanted to run a marathon! Even though I really only run for the bus these days, I'm determined to fulfill my goal with this event.
  • Gettin' My Ed-ju-ma-cation On: I'm halfway through my post-grad Health Promotion program, and if things go to plan, I will be finished in July 2012. Frustrations with the program and conflicts between school life and real life have tempted me to throw in the towel, but I am going to see this through to the end.
  • Welcome To Mi Casa: Homieloverfriend and I are both 6'+. This apartment ain't big enough.┬áHome ownership plans for 2012 are in effect.
  • Tell It Like It Is: In the past, I've had a hard time saying how I feel for one reason or another, but that is no more. Last month, I was disrespected by a friend. Old Bee would have vented to Homieloverfriend, then found a way to swallow the hurt and not rock the boat. New Bee? She let that mofo have it! Not only did I feel better, but that friend realized that I won't stand for any further tomfoolery, and got their act together. I learned that just because I rock the boat, doesn't mean it'll capsize every time. No more hiding my feelings.


  • Facing Fears: On my 2012 vision board I wrote "Do one thing a month that scares you." There are certain documented fears I've wanted to get over, so this year I'm going to force myself to face them.
  • Dance Fever: I have been talking over the last year about re-committing to my Afro-Cuban dance class. And that's all I've done: talk. Even if it's not until later in the year, I need to stop talking about it and be about it.
  • Ditch The 9-5 Depression: 2011 was the most up & down career year ever. I've talked a lot about what I want, what I don't want, what success means, and more. I'm positive that the husband, my friends, and my damn mama are sick of hearing me complain. "Be happy, get money" is my motto.

I'm looking back at my list now, and feeling slightly overwhelmed...which is my usual response when I want to chicken out and hide under my bed covers and wallow in complacency. This is where the 3 P's come into play: Planning, Pacing, and Perseverance. Planning on how I'm going to accomplish these goals; pacing so that I don't try to do everything at once and burn myself out; and perseverance so that I remind myself to keep pushing through.

As my favourite comedic philosopher Martin Payne/Shaquille Sunflower once said, "I'm getting myself right, and I'm seeing the light." The best time to make a change is when you feel like you have no other option. That's where I am now, so ain't nothin' to it but to do it! I hope you get on board with me too!

We're one week into 2012...if you're all talk, put those words into plans, which will turn into actions! And if you're just talking for talking's sake, cut it out. Don't force it if you don't feel it. For my doers, keep doin' it! Let me know what your intentions are for 2012 and let's work on things together!

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