Black Web Love: The Couple

I keep finding some online gems, y'all! While we await the January 12th season finale of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, and wait for episode 3 of milk + honey (if you liked what you saw here and here, go to their site to help with a donation), I have a new Black web series for you to take note of!

The creators of Black & Sexy TV have come together to create a fresh new web series called The Couple. Clutch Magazine had an opportunity to speak with two of the creators/stars of the web series, Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch:

They explained: “It was a natural progression from the film A Good Day to be Black and Sexy.  Being online extended the Black&Sexy brand and reaches the audience directly and immediately which we really like. We had these fun ideas that we thought would work well on the web.  We also use the web as an incubator/testing ground for our ideas to grow into other mediums.  We are cross platform (Web TV and Film) and we want to continue along that path.  It’s a new creative beast to conquer the web and we really enjoy it.”

Although the web is booming with shows geared toward black audiences, networks continue to ignore us, especially when it comes to images of black folks in love. Because of this, Numa Perrier says they decided to tackle this issue.

“Dennis, myself, and our other creative partner, Jeanine Daniels all gravitate towards this type of content based on personal experience. The Couple was Jeanine’s inspiration based on her previous relationships and it has now expanded into some of the day-to-day situations Dennis and I experience as a real life couple. We all experience relationships so not only is it relatable but it drives us as human beings.”

~ quotes via Clutch Magazine

The web series launches on Valentine's Day, but until then you can get a taste with three minisodes:




Let me just say, I know ALL about that food run struggle in minisode #3....not as bad as doughnuts and beer, but still.

Check Black & Sexy TV's YouTube channel to catch the first full episode when it drops on February 14th!

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