The Perfect 'Lazy Hair Day' Updo

How was your weekend everyone? Mine was a pretty damn good one, I have to say! Friday found me nursing a migraine for the better part of the day, but after a few naps, cups of mint tea, and Aleve gel caps, I was good to go. The weather was perfect for a night out on the town, so the plan was to hit up The Drake Hotel to celebrate a friend's birthday. Sidenote: If you're into classic hip hop, you might want to find yourself at The Drake Hotel on the 1st Friday night of each month for "Never Forget Action" - this party is dope. 

Anyways, because I had lazed around all day while sleeping off my headache, my hair was the definition of HOT MESS. A stretched 'fro with no curl definition left from my NYE style, smushed up in the back from me lying down all day, with no time to wash. For some reason my trusty bun wasn't working, so I needed to find an easy updo style, and fast. Thank goodness for YouTube.

I found this quick, easy, and CUTE style via MsAriella89:


Isn't it quick? And easy? And CUTE? I was able to whip my hair into this style in a matter of minutes. I'm on the hunt for one of her Scuncsi hair clips, but I was able to recreate the style using bobby pins. I laid my edges down with some water + Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade, and was REHT TAH GO!

I ended up rocking this style all weekend, and it looked better and better every time! It held up well through fake breakdancing in heels, doublefisting holding other people's drinks, Jones and wukkin' up at a soca fete, and more! It's a simple yet versatile style too - create new looks by dressing it up with a scarf or a clip or playing with the sizes and shapes of the front and back humps.

If you're looking for an easy style to whip your hair into, give this one a try! I'm looking to get into the YouTube video game this year as well, so keep an eye out for more styles!

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