Fancy Pants: Natural Hairstyles For Weddings (& Other Formal Events)


Is it just me, or does it feel like April was a total blur? For me, that means that lots of awesome and fun things are just around the corner - and Wedding Season 2012 is about to kick off! This post is dedicated to those natural-haired brides and wedding guests who are looking for hair ideas for the big day!

A Few Things To Consider:

  • Weather predictions: Will it be hot and humid? What about if it's a damp, rainy day? Think about how your hair type holds up in different kinds of weather.
  • Wedding time: Are you doing an evening ceremony, or is it earlier in the day? Consider how early you're willing to get up and get started on hair prep, and how much time you'll be able to devote to the process.
  • Leaving on a jet plane? If you're leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding, you might want a style that will carry you through the vacation as well...
  • Dress/Accessory style: Halter? Sweetheart? Detailed back? Dangly earrings? Birdcage veil? The type of dress and accompanying accessories will play into the hairstyle you choose.
  • Personality: What's your personal style? In my opinion, it's good to do something extra-special for the day, but don't deviate too much from what you're comfortable with. You should still be YOU.
  • Your hands or someone else's? Are you hiring a stylist or prepping your style on your own?
  • Hair length and type: Make sure to work with your hair, not against it!

Many brides feel that natural kinks and curls cannot be gussied up and fancified for glamorous events, and nothing could be further from the truth! Straightening safely is always an option (it's the one I took last year), but it's not your ONLY one. Here are some looks that prove my point:

Many beautiful styles can be created by working with our natural hair. Braids, twists, flexi rods, roller sets, wash n' go fros, TWAs, updos, half up/half down styles - all can be worked into something special for that big day or important event. Many people are still of the mindset that while natural hair is great, it still 'needs' to be straightened for a fancy outing. When I first started wearing my hair naturally, I echoed that sentiment and straightened my hair for any special event. As I've learned to do new things with my hair, I've had so much more fun creating intricate and glamorous styles on my own! Natural-haired ladies often praise the versatility of their kinks, curls, and waves - don't forget about that versatility when it comes to your wedding (or other formal event) style!

What is your favourite natural formal style? Do you tend to reach for the flat iron or do you rock the curls? Are you a natural-haired bride-to-be? How is the hairstyle decision-making going? If you were a natural-haired bride, how did you wear your hair for the big day?


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