When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right? Well, that's exactly what I did last night during the latest episode of Bee vs. Insomnia. Sleeplessness has been my new bedfellow since this past weekend, and while it's completely torturous to go without my beloved sleep, last night I found a way to entertain myself until the zzz's finally arrived. Take in this completely random post, and let me hip y'all to some of the cool stuff I found while wide awake at 3am. RoomieLoverFriends


I've made it no secret that I LOVE the new wave of Black web series that have been popping up online. I'm late to this one, but last night after I watched the latest episode of Awkward Black Girl (hilarious!), I started watching Issa Rae and Black & Sexy TV's latest collabo, RoomieLoverFriends. I only planned to watch 2 of the episodes, but I got thoroughly hooked and watched all 6 that are out! Long story short: Tamiko has a sexy-ass, fine-ass tenant named Jayson, who ends up breaking her off with more than just his half of the rent. This leads to confused emotions, displays of denial, and hilarious commentary from Tamiko's cousins and best friend, who do their best to help her navigate the new wrinkle in her arrangement. Sexy, funny, relateable, and well-produced with a bangin' theme song - RoomieLoverFriends is one of my new favourite things to watch. Getchu some - and check out the newest web series on the block, Lenox Ave!

The Hillman Bookstore

Now, I've known about this site for a minute now, but I revisited it last night and almost pulled out my credit card right then and there. One of my favourite TV shows was A Different World, so I adore all things Hillman. I was dead-set on attending an HBCU thanks to the show, but since that didn't happen, The Hillman Bookstore gives me the opportunity for the next best thing. If you've ever wanted a Hillman College hoodie or T-shirt, this site has what you need! I might just have to pick up a Whitty Hutton (who remembers that episode of Martin?) and a Randy Watson (hello - Coming To America?) tee as well to add to my collection of Black cinematic paraphernalia.

Battle Of The Sexes Deal

Do you remember my post this summer about the 1st Toronto show of Battle of The Sexes put on by my homie Goddess Intellect? Have I mentioned that I'm going to be one of the panelists for the next show, going down this Sunday? Well if you didn't know, now you know, folks! The main question of the night is: is monogamy a myth? We'll be covering all aspects of that question by looking at various facets like infidelity, open relationships, polygamy, and more. I'll be reppin' for the ladies with my homegirl Elle Seon, and on the other side of the table will be Lincoln Blades and Tosin Bello. The event will be a really cool and well-rounded one, with a pop up shop, audience games, lively discussion, delicious food and drink, and other forms of mischief and merriment at the new House of Moments venue. So, the cool thing to share is that Miss Intellect has extended a last minute deal for all y'all stragglers who haven't copped tickets yet - bring a friend, and get 2 tickets for $30! So if you're in Toronto and want to come and holler out your thoughts about monogamy, grab a homie and get your tickets asaptually!

Bonus: Check the hilarious new BOTS promo video that I'm sure will give us some thangs to talk about on Sunday!


So, there are a few of the random and wonderful things I came across during my recent run as an insomniac. Have you checked out any dope new webseries that I should know about? Are you going to order something from the Hillman Bookstore? And are you coming to Battle of The Sexes? Let a sista know! I won't be sleeping anytime soon, so...

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